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True African is a snapshot of contemporary Africa with handpicked premium entertainment and lifestyle content in English, from across the entire continent. This variety channel is vibrant, energetic, trend-setting and innovative.


  • After The Proposal

    After The Proposal

    After eight years of courtship, the eldest daughter of an interfering woman is finally proposed to; but she never expected her bride price to be so expensive. After all, the kinsmen never contributed to her upbringing – can she convince them to give a special discount?
  • After School

    After School

    (Sequel to School Girls) The mean girls in the school yard always get what they want. But to every bad there are consequences. An unfortunate girl gets pulled into the wrong crowd and pays dearly. Nigerian 2016
  • Afrika Live

    Afrika Live

    Awilo Longomba Part 2:Afrika Live showcases Africans maestros at their best in a live setting. Watch the likes of Salif Keita, Ali Kiba, Jose Chameleon bring the house down with their African melodies.
  • All Stars

    All Stars

    All Stars features young African artists trending in the music industry.
  • Aliens Without Borders

    Aliens Without Borders

    A man of the church has to choose between saving lives and commiting a sin.
  • Amour With The Devil

    Amour With The Devil

    Duke feels like he is being pushed to extremities by his wife.He falls into a trap that spirals out of control.
  • Artisan


    A young man so oblivious to his surrounding is caught between a terrorist syndicate and evidence that would exonerate him.
  • Beyond Disability

    Beyond Disability

    Two married couples are forced to engage after a childs ill health.
  • Beneath Her Veil

    Beneath Her Veil

    E2: The chief’s wife is up to no good and this has dire consequences on the house help.
  • Beautiful Mistake

    Beautiful Mistake

    A jealous young man chooses to bewitch his cousin following the passing of his father.
  • Black Magic

    Black Magic

    A young lady with magic powers uses them for the wrong reasons. It’s only a matter of time before life catches up with her.
  • Blackbird


    A mischievous school girl is sent to the city to live with her cousin after being expelled from school, however life there is more brutal than she ever imagined
  • Blue Flames

    Blue Flames

    Blue flames is the interwoven story of three families who in their desperation for wealth and fulfillment take decisions that totally alter the course of their lives. 
  • Broken Cross

    Broken Cross

    A young girl Esther, is haunted by her past as a child, living with her grandmother and later on joined her mother who lived with an abusive step father, she battles to come to terms with her family breakdown, her father got married to jealousy step mother who hates Esther with passion.
  • Champagne


    A young married couple in an open relationship prey upon unsuspecting victims to take advantage of financially and otherwise…events take an unexpected and decidedly dangerous turn.
  • Chemical Madness

    Chemical Madness

    Mazi Ibe has worked hard to his build a name and business in the City. His weakness however is young women who have one motive in mind.
  • Cherubim & Seraphin

    Cherubim & Seraphin

    “This comedy movie showcases Francis Odega, Bishop Imeh and Kingsley Ogbonna as the rib-cracking trio.
  • Child Of Pain

    Child Of Pain

    A mother gives her daughter in-law no breathing space due to the fact she has not been able to give them a grandchild. Their childlessness triggered them into getting a second wife for their son. This singular act triggers an unending sadness in the family.
  • Chukwudibia


    A barren woman becomes the talk of the village. She confides in a friend to help her find the fruit of her womb.
  • Classmates


    Meet the Classmates: Series set in a “black street” tertiary mid – level institution with new entrants being the main characters.
  • Cleo


    Cleo, is a prominent member in the government who abuses his rights and in the process ruins his marriage.
  • Confused Mind

    Confused Mind

    Mike & Juliet are in love, much to her father’s dismay. Juliet leaves the country to further her education abroad. A call comes through that forces her to return home to not only sustain the family’s legacy, but also see what the future holds with her love interest.
  • Dads War

    Dads War

    Manasseh and Ephraim are two friends in their late fifties and Both migrated to America together on the same day. They studied and both became college professors in different universities. They got married and had kids and their kids decided to marry each other much to the joy of their parents. However, after the traditional wedding ceremony and a few months before the church wedding, Manasseh receives news from Cameroon that his village is at war with Ephraim’s village.
  • Darkest Link

    Darkest Link

    Ray and Lisa are soul mates and on the night of their engagement Ray collapses and has to be hospitalised. He falls into a coma and is told that if he is to live he must have a heart transplant. When it looks like all hope is lost a donor is found. After the transplant it looks like a whole new beginning for the couple and it certainly is as when Ray comes around from the operation he is behaving like an entirely new person and having flashbacks about a life that is not his own.
  • Dead And Gone

    Dead And Gone

    Love is not for the faint hearted. A young man goes to the end of the world for the love of his life.
  • Deadly Housewife

    Deadly Housewife

    A man is shocked at the recent developments in his household. He soon learns that his wife is no saint.
  • Dontcryforme


    Alero believed in her perfect marriage to her perfect man but all that changes when she wakes up to an empty bed and a note from her husband that he had left her. Tackling the dramatic changes in her life, Alero finds comfort in tending to a wealthy but blind young man; but has to deal with her inner demons which leaves her confused, and almost losing out on love. Nigeria 2016
  • Dreamerz


    Dreamerz is an hilarious and outstanding sitcom for the entire family.
  • Erotic Crime

    Erotic Crime

    A couple of con artists use lust and betrayal as a means to plan their ultimate theft but it leads to their eventual destruction.
  • Family Bomb

    Family Bomb

    A family of two siblings battles with extended family over their father’s inheritance. With all twists and turns, the truth always prevails.
  • Far From Yesterday

    Far From Yesterday

    A thug impregnates a young girl and abandons her at his homestead, in hopes of burrying the implications of his actions. But what do you do if a resurrected past knocks on your door?
  • Farmers Bride

    Farmers Bride

    After a broken relationship, two souls find themselves rebuilding the pieces of their lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. But even life in a far off wilderness cannot keep them away from the darkness of the past they abandoned
  • Food Heaven

    Food Heaven

    An out and about food experience that is more than just a food show. From dining in Nairobi’s top spots to the ultimate burger and food that isn’t for the faint-hearted.
  • Forgetting June

    Forgetting June

    A young married couple are in love, Suddenly the wife gets into a fatal accident and the man thinks she is dead and decides to date her best friend, and now realises she is still alive.
  • Funke goes to school

    Funke goes to school

    Sequel to Funke The Illiterate: The new young Igwe is crowned and his reign is far from democratic. He takes his questionable methods to middle and tertiary school.
  • Funke the Illiterate

    Funke the Illiterate

    The new young Igwe is crowned and his reign is far from democratic. He takes his questionable methods to middle and tertiary school.
  • Garden of Roses

    Garden of Roses

    “Life is but a game but no one wins until the very end. Zina decides to play a deadly game on her half sister Etta, little does she know that Ella has an Ace up her sleeves. Who would win this game?”
  • Gold Digging

    Gold Digging

    A “gold digging” woman is out to marry the rich and famous and almost loses the man of her dreams when he leads her to believe that he’s broke.
  • Ghetto Paradise

    Ghetto Paradise

    The only way to survive in the ghetto is to hustle but the hustle makes some greedy. Greed leads to unfortunate consequences.
  • Headgone


    A psychiatric hospital bus driver unintentionally loses some patients during a facility transfer. In an attempt to cover up the mistake unsuspecting commuters are substituted for the mentally ill and both the escapees and substituted patients thrust into a radically unfamiliar environment.
  • Hidden Truth

    Hidden Truth

    Its Michael’s birthday and the day is nothing short of surprises.
  • Hollow


    Nene is a young girl who resides with her aunt and uncle. She desires nothing more than to complete her education. Life unfortunately gets in the way.
  • Heart Break Hotel

    Heart Break Hotel

    Heartbreak Hotel is set on Island in Ghana where different personalities come together to enwind, amongst other things.
  • Ima


    Love is discovered in the most unusual way,when a foreigner in a strange land falls head over heels for a crude village girl. With the existence of an offended ex and a persistent suitor, their love would be put to test. Nigeria 2016
  • Inqindi Le Nyembezi

    Inqindi Le Nyembezi

    Patrick is a young man who is married to an older woman (Mandy) who has her own children. He wanted his own children but Mandy could not give him children and he becomes violent. Mandy takes a wrong advice from a friend (who also likes Patrick), of bewitching Patrick to keep him calm. Under the spell he is not performing in bed so Mandy resorts to bringing in other men in Patrick’s presence. Bongo, Patrick’s uncle takes him forcefully out of the house to undo the medicine. After his redemption, he goes back to Mandy.
  • Infatuation


    A movie based on a true life story. Sofia a student of Delta state University was a beautiful girl and was contesting for the most beautiful girl on campus before she was……………………., Starring: Desmond Elliot, Vitalis Ndubuisi, Mary Rammy.
  • Jump & Pass

    Jump & Pass

    There’s a robbery in the neighbourhood and two strangers run in through the open gate for safety.The home owners are then forced to sit through a couple of hours with the robbers.
  • Knocking on Heavens Door

    Knocking on Heavens Door

    A beautiful gospel singer who is the envy of her peers harbours the dark secret that she is being brutalised in the hands of her charismatic husband.
  • Krystn Enem Show

    Krystn Enem Show

    Krystn hosts a lifestyle show that aims to empower young individuals that want to break the entertainment indurstry.
  • Kumpali


    Kumpali is a hilarious sitcom revolving around a polygamous marriage. There has been no peace in Roy’s marriage since he took Nkaka as his second wife.
  • Lovely Mistake

    Lovely Mistake

    Nwoara, a fine boy from the village is in love with Olachi. Her family do not think it wise of them to get involved in a relationship and this leads to unexpected events in this love tale.
  • Lies & Secrets

    Lies & Secrets

    Bryan breaks up with Diana because shes too fat. The breakup makes her have an accident on her way home. Shes assumed dead but luckily survives.
  • Marrying the devil

    Marrying the devil

    A proposal leaves a young woman happy. Her future husband though has ulterior motives that will leave her gasping for air.
  • Marriage Seminar

    Marriage Seminar

    The story opens with a couple – Mike (Jose Tolbert) and Kisha (Jackie Appiah) going hard at an intense argument which leads to him throwing her out of the house. Kisha seeks comfort in her friend, Linda (Afia Addo), complaining about explicit photos always popping up in Mike’s phone. Linda goes over to confront Mike about changing his ways; Mike gets upset and embarrasses Linda.
  • Med Help Doctors

    Med Help Doctors

    Medhelp Doctors is a medical television talk show where a team of medical Doctors discuss a range of pressing health issues that may affect every individual directly or indirectly, their preventive measures and home remedies.
  • Mission Obstructed

    Mission Obstructed

    A hotel manager gets involved in a dangerous mission that threatens to ruin his career. He is left with no choice but to obstruct the criminal’s intentions.
  • Moja Lefa

    Moja Lefa

    A jealous young man chooses to bewitch his cousin following the passing of his father.
  • Moon Walker

    Moon Walker

    Things are not usually what they seems to be. Strange and scary happenings in a big house occupied by three ladies and a guy. Could there be a ghost in the house?
  • Mrs Somebody

    Mrs Somebody

    Keira (Uche Jumbo) is desperate to get married. She is in a relationship with Kufre (Yemi Blaq) and marriage is the furthest thing in his mind.
  • My Big Nigerian Wedding

    My Big Nigerian Wedding

    Google 2015 reported the word “wedding” as the most searched word in Nigeria. My Big Nigerian Wedding is a reality and TV contest show from Nigeria, where the winner wins their dream wedding and honeymoon at an exotic destination.
  • My Mother's Crime

    My Mother's Crime

    That which happened in the past finds its way back to a young lady who was assaulted.
  • My Potomanto

    My Potomanto

    A wealthy man fondly called “Potomanto” by young and old in a community because of his generous ways, unknown to them, He he is doing more harm than good to the young and beautiful hearts of the younger generation. Nigeria-South Africa (2016)
  • Oasis


    A sizzling story about a man who changes his life only for it to haunt him.
  • Oblivious


    A husband asks his wife for a divorce,in response, she asks of him to carry her out of their bedroom for a month…the way he did when they got married.
  • One Man Trouble

    One Man Trouble

    Two friends have a fight over a business deal that went wrong; out of anger, the one pulls a gun onto the other.
  • Phyno Fino

    Phyno Fino

    A career in music sets out to be a task Phyno didn’t expect; he however perseveres and sees it through.
  • Red Pink Poison

    Red Pink Poison

    The love of money is the foundation for their evil activities. Scams, set ups, and prostitution is the only means to lure men;their end will not be any less entertaining.
  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil

    A young lady sells her body to help her mums deteriorating state but unfortunately for her she loses more than she bargained for in the process.
  • Revenge Is A Promise

    Revenge Is A Promise

    An intriguing film about a gutsy African-Caribbean girl, marked for death by a ruthless human-trafficking syndicate that’s killing illegal aliens in an elaborate, multi-million-dollar, life-insurance racket.
  • Saul


    Saul longs to know of his roots. He insists on this but gets more than what he bargained for. Zambia 2016
  • Scammers


    In an effort to survive a Cosmopolitan City, three friends conjure up a scheme that doesn’t hurt their pockets.
  • Schoolgirls


    The mean girls in the school yard always get what they want. But to every bad there are consequences. An unfortunate girl gets pulled into the wrong crowd and pays dearly. Nigerian 2016
  • Second Chance

    Second Chance

    A family man is finding it hard to balance between family time and time with friends.  His wife believed that with prayers, he would change. But he only realized his wrongs at a near death experience.
  • Set Me Free

    Set Me Free

    A lady is a victim of domestic abuse from her husband who, is an alcohol and gambling addict. Luckily she gets rescued by a gardener.
  • Silence


    Ebunoluwa was a young lady who was traumatized from childhood by constant abuse. She was forced into a pre-arranged union and her life was a living hell. Things got out of control and she decided to take matters into her own hands.
  • Sour Milk

    Sour Milk

    A doctor is incredibly occupied that he doesn’t catch up on the most crucial aspects of his life and job.
  • Superstar


    A talented musician in the ghetto borrows money from a well-known loanshark to finance his career. He must battle professional rivalry, avoid the loan shark goons as well as fall in love in his journey to the top.
  • Talented Babes

    Talented Babes

    Joy Smith is a Talent Manager, he finds new talent who becomes an overnight sensation. His involvement with one of the members threatens the survival of the group.
  • Tears Of Glory

    Tears Of Glory

    Sequel to Child of pain” A mother gives her daughter in-law no breathing space due to the fact she has not been able to give them a grandchild. Their childlessness triggered them into getting a second wife for their son. this singular act triggers an unending sadness in the family.
  • The Chase

    The Chase

    A night out between friends soon becomes a police chase that they too cannot explain.
  • The Earing

    The Earing

    A married woman seems rather unhappy with her husband. She finally finds a reason to fight and leave him.
  • The In Laws

    The In Laws

    A comedy about Munya and Faith’s parents who arrive in England from Africa to attend their daughter’s graduation celebrations. As the celebrations get into full swing the parents are locked in a destructive debate about marriage ideals with their daughter-in-law-Shaniqua. Munya whom they have dubbed “a good for nothing son” can hardly bear to think about what is going on around him.
  • The Khumalos

    The Khumalos

    The Khumalos, a newly wed couple that’s put through testing and tempting times.
  • The Perfect Plan

    The Perfect Plan

    A man is not being faithful to the woman he is in a relationship with. He devises a plan that has unfortunate results.
  • Two Wrongs

    Two Wrongs

    Tim and Aisha have been married for three years without a child with Aisha receiving all the blame, but she doesn’t know about a secret her husband has hidden from her.
  • Unconditional


    What should have been a time of joy turned into an all out battle when a mother finds her kidnapped daughter eleven years later.
  • Unexpected


    When a Pastor finds himself in a sticky situation he tries his best to cover it up; but he has no control over what occurs thereafter.
  • Watch Dog

    Watch Dog

    There has been awareness from the Police notifying the public about a serial killer that is on the loose abducting and killing young girls. He gets his victims via Social Media,unknown to him, the police are on his tail.
  • What's Within

    What's Within

    A reformed Lothario resists his friend’s attempt to hook him up with a very attractive woman the night before his wedding. However in a weird twist of fate their paths cross again.
  • When The Voice Sings

    When The Voice Sings

    Mauya a young woman comes back to Zimbabwe after studying in USA to realize that her family no longer lives at their old place of residency. Mauya starts a non-profit organisation dedicated to empower young orphans.
  • Wine and Dine

    Wine and Dine

    E2: Tumi Moleko invites her celebrity friends over for good company, great stories and delicious food; it’s a wonderful blend of dinner, wine and fun.Special Guest:Selma Mtukudzi
  • Yummy Mammi

    Yummy Mammi

    How do South African modern mothers cope in the 21st Century with the stresses and demands of such a technologically advanced world? Join Salamina Mosese as she explores this aspect and more.
  • Zandamanyala


    Drugs are a source ofan making income for some and a source of trouble or ruin for others. A man at his wits end confides in his pastor about his life and misfortune.


    • Beneath Her Veil

      Beneath Her Veil

      The tales of a village where the chief’s wife is up to no good. This has dire consequences on the house help.
    • Beyond Risk

      Beyond Risk

      A young lady seeks police protection from a murderer that killed her neighbour.
    • Beyond Tears

      Beyond Tears

      Ebude is an amazing house help but the house Madam thinks otherwise.
    • Box Of Truth

      Box Of Truth

      Eli struggles to stamp his authority on the home – Naomi sees her marriage as a mistake – Nnenna wants to help out but what can she do? A multi-dimensional movie you can’t afford to miss.
    • Critical Truth

      Critical Truth

      Critical Truth is a story of family relationships and the rivalry between two sisters, their mother and a house full of drama.
    • I Love You To Death

      I Love You To Death

      Erica and her brother have schemes to make money. But complications comes between them and their great plans.
    • Innocent Tears

      Innocent Tears

      The trust of nearly 30 years with his father and mother is severely tested when the paternity of a young man comes into question. Not to mention the lifelong friendship between his father and his best friend.
    • Father & Gun

      Father & Gun

      A prominent man in the community has problems with his children. But there is much more to their dislike than you see on the surface.
    • Most Wanted Kukere Babes

      Most Wanted Kukere Babes

      They are the hip and happening ladies on campus and all they desire is money & fame. What happens when the outcome turns bloody?
    • My Ghana Angel

      My Ghana Angel

      Meet Candy and Kay who are in relationships for entirely different reasons.
    • My Sisters Man

      My Sisters Man

      A married man bites off more than he can chew when he cheats on his wife with her sister.
    • Shades Of Grey

      Shades Of Grey

      The tales of Dan Abiora, a hard working family man who juggles his demanding work and personal life. Unfortunately for him, his fortune seeking wife does not make his life any easier!
    • Sorrows of Lisa

      Sorrows of Lisa

      A young couple attending a Tertiary institution take their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately the consequences are real.
    • Vacation


      A man and his daughter arrive from South Africa to spend some time in Nigeria. This series follows the daughter as she faces the challenges of living in a new environment, struggling to adjust to new ways of doing things.
    • Wine & Dine

      Wine & Dine

      Tumi Moleko invites her celebrity friends over for good company, great stories and delicious food. With guests like Jah Prayzah, P.O Box and Selmor Mutukudzi and more, it’s a wonderful blend of dinner, wine and fun.
    • Where Does Beauty Go

      Where Does Beauty Go

      An actress struggles to accept reality of growing old when she starts losing roles to younger women.
    • The Khumalos

      The Khumalos

      The Khumalos,a newly wed couple that’s put through testing and tempting times.